Bibliography and Resources: Quinn

Core Curriculum

Acellus, Grade 2


Robotics Club (October 2019-Current)

HEARTS Homeschool Co-Op (January 2020-Current)

English & Language Arts

Wordly Wise, Level 2

Night Zookeeper


Math U See, Alpha (2020)




Masterclass: Neil deGrasse Tyson teaches Scientific Thinking and Communication
Masterclass: Chris Hadfield teaches Space Exploration

Fables, Fairy Tales, Myths, Legends

These collections are typically only used for bedtime reading and next-day paraphrasing.

Aesop’s Illustrated FablesAesop
Complete Fairy TalesHans Christien Andersen
Complete Fairy Tales Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
Mythology: Timeless Tales Edith Hamilton

Stories & Books

The Story of LifeJ.R. Becker
SapiensJ.R. Becker
What Happens When We Die?J.R. Becker
Worlds Inside UsJ.R. Becker

Board Games

We are avid tabletop gamers. In addition to being active members of a local board gaming group, we play several games each week at home. These are the games Quinn played this year.

  • Dream On!
  • Spirits of the Wild
  • Forbidden Sky